Casual Encounters: Strangers Connecting on Craigslist

Casual Encounters: Strangers Connecting on Craigslist

by Ronald Mcrogers

Casual Encounters: Strangers Connecting on Craigslist

“Casual Encounters” are scarcely casual, as a result of risks meeting that is involved complete strangers. Yet several thousand people throughout the world are properly linking with other people on Craigslist for discreet sexual experiences. Nevertheless, somebody somewhere is publishing their message inside this group of the Personals part, detailing precisely the type or types of male or female (or both) which is why they’ve been searching, along with flirtatiously explaining on their own, with or with no embedded image for everybody to see.

Most people are looking for specific connections in life, and casual relationship is only a simplified method for real individuals to refine and broadcast their search. Thinking about the lots of people in your area alone — the majority of that you never approach for personal needs, be them intimate or otherwise not — what better method to attract individuals with that you can truly link compared to a platform like Craigslist? Exactly exactly What harm will there be in publishing a few sentences about what you would like and who you are, specially as you can remain entirely anonymous? (This is certainly, until such time you’ve flirted your heart out and finally be comfortable organizing a rendezvous together with your complete stranger of preference!)

Though hesitant in the beginning, we myself have actually responded to a few posts, two of which converted into fascinating experiences that undoubtedly assisted form whom i will be today.

Display A

My very first encounter that is casual with a female called Vanessa (names were changed), a stylish, young library sciences grad pupil. Both junkies that are sci-fi our mid-twenties who have been looking for a relationship with a few substance, our timing seemed impeccable. After flirting and hinting over e-mail for pretty much week — as well as inventing a fictitious address story that involved previously fulfilling at a skill opening so our friends wouldn’t judge too harshly — we eventually chose to meet for beverages. Five beers and a pack of cigarettes later on, both of us decided that we’d be much better off as buddies. Despite the fact that we’ve since changed places, once in a while certainly one of us will text one other with bad jokes and crazy coincidences ensuing from our Craigslist experience, none of our friends the wiser.

Display B

Joyce had been a former-dominatrix-turned-activist, a separate woman and aspiring novelist planning to discreetly satisfy her lustful urges with a nice-looking, respectful, disease-free, smart individual who she could hopefully take over — and therefore individual sooner or later ended up being me personally. Both moving in some months, neither of us desired a long-lasting psychological relationship, but instead a socket to explore and experiment physically in just a protected climate. Inevitably, after a few visits, we said our goodbyes and parted ways, but out of our experience together came a wealth of fantasies that I still rehash when reminiscing about my sexual history evening.

We must always remember is that real people live behind their steamy, endearing posts, secure behind their computers, comfortable enough to flirt with disaster for a few boring days and forge connections that could (like mine) send ripples through the rest of our lives as we continue to develop as individuals and better use the Internet to actively pursue our desires, whether searching for meaningful friendships or meaningless sex, what. Casual encounters? Hardly!

Ronald Mcrogers